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My Eyes Have Seen the Glory of The Peanut Butter Pie! featuring Pie Corps and Blue Stove

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie- Pie Corps

Peanut Butter Pie- Blue Stove

Forgive me my pie people for I have a confession to make. I, haughty pie enthusiast that I am, have sinned against peanut butter pies. For too long, I foolishly scoffed at the idea of such nutty offerings and shunned them at every turn. Falsely, I assumed that all such pies must be too dense, too sweet, and a few too many peanuts into nausealand. Holding my nose highly in the air I’d exclaim “What this, What this? A pie made with peanut butter?? Surely ye jest? [adjusts monocle] Fetch me a proper Key Lime Pie ye lowly pion and begone” Oh the shame of it. But luckily for me, I have since seen the light [cue the organ music] and have repented my sinful ways. For Brooklyn’s Pie Corps and Blue Stove hath brought me out of the legumeless darkness and into the glory that is the peanut butter pie. And now that I have achieved peanut pie salvation, I feel it is my duty to bring other legume lost souls into the flock.

If you prefer a sweet creamy pie, then stop by Blue Stove in Williamsburg. The Blue bakers have managed to capture the sweetness you remember from your childhood days spent scarfing down snickers bars under the covers so you parents wouldn’t catch you (or so my sister tells me!). Their pie not only comes with chunks of what I believe are peanut butter cups on top but with a homemade whipped cream topping. The filling itself also seems whipped which is what lifts this pie and stops it from being too heavy to have more than one bite. For continue to bite you shall. And while you are thanking the almighty pie gods for this gift of creaminess you will realize that it comes with an oreo cookie like crust [Cue the organ music again]. Oh peanut butter pie, I shall never doubt thee again.

Now let’s just say that you’re still not a peanut butter pie convert and need a bit more convincing that it could be anything other than a kids’ dessert. Pishaw I say, Pie Corps will make you a believer. Their take on the pie is decidedly adult. It has a gourmet peanut butter cup flavor (who knew peanut butter cups could go gourmet?) that makes you want to curl up with a fine bottle of wine and a Colin Firth movie. You can get your Mr. Darcy on while dining on this sophisticated pie with a slightly sweet peanut butter top layer, a dark chocolate middle layer, and a chocolate cookie crust. There are even a few chocolate stripes on top for your mature merriment. Needless to say, this is a good option for those youth-disinclined folk who still love their peanut butter and chocolate.

So no matter which way you take your peanut butter and chocolate, sweetly whipped or subtlety sophisticated, Brooklyn’s got you covered.

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