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Chocoholics Rejoice! The Chocolate Tart is Here!- Dutch Desserts

Yes, friends, you’ll have what I’m having!

Ever accidentally undercook a batch of brownies and found that somehow, someway you’ve reached chocolate nirvana? Yes, me too. Frequently. I sit drooling at the keyboard with the memory as we speak. The purveyor of such decadent fabulousness is Dutch Desserts, who brings us this masterpiece in the form of the Chocolate Tart.

Just in case you’re wondering, I’ve had a lot of chocolate pies and chocolate tarts and a lot of just plain ‘ol chocolate, but none so far have come close to this divine wonder brought to you by a husband and wife team based in upstate New York. While other such marriages between brownie and pie resulted in a dry “cakey” filling, this one retains its moistness out of the oven. Now don’t get me wrong, this is no cheap molten lava cake with a liquid center nor is it just some boring hunk of chocolate you can get from any local candy store. This is a fantastically fudgey tart that, using a simple short list of natural ingredients including Belgian chocolate, manages to get just the right balance of sweetness and texture without being so dense that you feel full after one slice. And it does so without turning into a sloppy gooey mess. If you let it sit out a bit on a warm day, it melts ever so slightly into a buttery goodness that will leave you in chocolate ecstasy [more drooling].

Please, don’t even get me started on the crust; I could eat it all by itself. It is nothing short of thick gold buttery goodness that shows no sign of sogginess even days later, should yours last so long; mine rarely do. Yours won’t either, but if it does, do invite me over.

Have I made myself clear about how awesome this dessert is? Now if you’ve got some major chocolate fever going on but can’t make it to any of the locations where these tarts are sold don’t despair, you can get your fudegy fix by simply ordering online from their website. So while I go wipe the drool off the keyboard in a sad attempt to not fry the motherboard, you must grab your bib and try the Fudgey Chocolate Tart from Dutch Desserts.

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