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Oh Happy Day: Pi Day 2016

Yes it’s here's again! The day where you are allowed by the laws of math to indulge in as much pie as possible. Every March 14, we all think back to the days of trying to figure out our way around a circle while wondering if that blemish on our chins would ever go away. Unlike Clearasil, you probably never used pi again after 7th grade. While the acne cleared up, the formula for pi never quite left your brain. Maybe you longed to one day have a need to bring 3.14 back into your life again. Well now, you can bring back all of those fond memories of circumferences and diameters through the act of eating pie. Join me in celebrating that fine never ending number by devouring never ending amounts of pie. Pie expectations will be doing her best to eat a slice of pie for every digit in pi. We'll see how far I get. Wish me luck. Happy Pi Day Folks!

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