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Guest Pie of the Month: Pancake Batter Pie at Dangerously Delicious Pies

What could inspire me to hop in my car, drive three hours to Baltimore, only to turn right back around 20 minutes later and drive the three hours back? Dangerously Delicious Pies that’s what! And dang right their pies are dangerous-to the longevity of my Corolla that it is, as I will be sure to be heading back down to the Charm city soon for another fix. What makes the call of this pie shop so strong that it can beckon me from four states away? Let me just say that they have a pie called Pancake Batter. PANCAKE BATTER people!!! I don’t know who they sold their souls to to get this pie to taste just like pancake batter but my taste buds are sure glad they did. But did they stop there? No they didn’t. They could have simply sat back, smiled smugly and watched the hordes of pie fiends descend on their store to get a taste of their custard creation. But nooooo. They went and added Oreos to the mix. Or-e-os. Do I need to say anything more? And should you want some antioxidants in your pancake pie, you can drive to the D.C. location and get it with blueberries. I might just have a new pie addiction. And I bet I’m not alone in that. Word gets out back here in the NYC that they are working pie magic down the Maryland/D.C. way and I bet we see car pools of pancake batter pie fans flying down the turnpike for their fix. And no worries if they are out of that pie on the day you head down. This place has a line up of creative pies that I have yet to see matched. The have something called a Full Custom Custard. What’s that? They say it tastes sort of like crème brulee. I say it’s like a bean pie. Either way, it’s dang fine. A cinnamon top with a smooth custard filling; yeah I could eat an entire one of those in a day. Check that: I have eaten an entire one of those in a day. They do all kinds of others custards too as well as chess pies, including chocolate chess (drool) and coconut chess, and fruit pies too. I could write a paragraph about each one of these pies. And just in case anyone feels guilty about all that sweetness (yeah, right) they have savory pies too. So you can have a full pie meal from top to bottom. Oh, Nirvana. I think I’ve found you. Three hours away unfortunately. But don’t worry, I’ll see you again soon. As soon as I get a tune-up on my car that is.

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