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Xmas 2018: 7 pies, 1 pair of leggings.

The season of pie-eating continues and yours truly is fully prepared. Dark sweater to hide pie stains? Check. Leggings with almost unlimited stretch? Check. Seven different pies on hand so there's no chance of running out? Check. Well in the words of the immortal Spongebob: I'm ready! So what pies are showing up on my table this year? Among the seven, are two from Pure Love Pies in Bloomfield, New Jersey. So close that the only thing stopping me from showing up every day is that blasted toll at Lincoln Tunnel. Ouch. But we all know that a little surcharge has never managed to stop me from getting my out-of-state-pie on. This little Jersey spot does a good bean pie, sweet potato pie, pecan pie, and even a butternut squash pie. For those who don't know about butternut squash pies, y'all need to get in the game. Butternut squashes can be done so much like a regular pumpkin pie that you can't even tell the difference or they can stand out all on their own with a few spices. If you've never tried one, I suggest you get yourself in gear and get your butternut on. What came out of my oven is a mix of the tried and true and the "I've got leftover milk, soooo here goes nothing!" A couple of easy ones- chocolate chess and key lime pie will of course be there. A mountain soup bean pie al la me will also show up because me needs me bean pie. The two experiments are a not sweet but kinda spicy pumpkin pie and a weird chess/egg custard hybrid. I fully expect those to sit there untouched except by of course, me but that's ok. Any which way you look at it, there's pie for everyone. Unless you like fruit pies. Didn't have any fruit on hand. My bad. Fruit pie or not I hope your table is equally stacked to the brim with pies both classic and experimental on this day of gift wrap and gluttony. So I wish you all a happy holiday if you celebrate and if you don't, get yourself some pie anyway. Cheers!

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