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Blueberry Bliss at Briemere Farms

Hold the presses everyone!!! I’ve gone gaga over a pie and it’s not a custard or even a chess pie? It’s a FRUIT pie! A fruit pie?? Have I lost my mind? No I am still perfectly in my right mind. Or at least as right as someone with a raging pie addiction could be. I’ve just found a fruit pie that has me almost as over the moon as my custards. And of all the fruit pies, it’s a blueberry! Usually, when somebody plops a blueberry pie in my lap, it’s all gooey and syrupy and as much as it pains me to say so, just not worth the insulin spike. But not this one! I ate it fresh and almost fainted. Blueberry Bliss. Then I put one in the freezer, took it out a month later and it was still darn good. Now where to get one of these blue babies? Why, at Briemere Farms. Ok, great! Now where is that? Well, that’s the pain in the tuchus part. You gotta fill up your tank and haul said hind quarters way the heck out to the farms on Lawn-Guy-Land. Way out to Riverhead. Whether you do it on the LIE or you do it on a train, it’s a journey. But it’s worth the road trip. This pie is awesome. The crust alone should have you coughing up the gas money or swiping your credit card at one of those LIRR kiosks. So get fill up your tank, get your ipod loaded and get on the road to Briemere Farms.


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