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Guest Pie: Chocolate Chess Pie from Proper Pie Company

Yes, yes I know. The pandemic while diminished, is still raging on. Sigh. But that doesn't mean that yours truly is camped out in her hidey-hole of an apartment, stuck eating nothing but local pie. Oh no. This girl put on her driving gloves, sunglasses, and sunblock and drove herself all the way down below the Mason-Dixon line in search of new pie. And find some she did. Yes turns out Virginia isn't just for lovers of,, it's also for lovers of pie! Down in Richmond I happened across a little spot called Proper Pie Company. Propper Pie has both savory and sweeet pies but you know which kind I'm there for. After waiting in a short line of eager Virginians for my slice of southern heaven, I met with a creamy chocolate chess that had a touch of cinnamon and the smallest hint of cayene pepper. Had to hold back my own hand to keep it from shoving the entire slice in my mouth sans fork. Being the gluttonous soul that I am I also walked away with a vegan coconut cream pie that left me not missing the lack of actual cream one little bit. They also had a key lime pie that I could tell from one over-the-shoulder-of-the-server glance was gonna be divine but alas, it was reserved for some lucky Richmonder who beat me to the ordering the last one. Yes I let some stranger beat me out of Key Lime Pie. Must be losing my touch. Anywho, if you are driving down 95 and feel like you need a quick hit of sugar, just swing on by Proper Pie Company. And do me a favor, get that KLP before the locals eat it all. Avenge me my dears. Happy Pie-ing!


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