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Happy Pandemi-tine! Valentine's Day 2021

So here we still are. Mask abundant, vacation deficient, and clawing at the walls. But there's light at the end of the tunnel! Maybe just maybe we will all soon be able to rush outdoors, stand in the light, and do a communal happy dance in celebration that the past year of everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kind of hell is finally behind us. But even though we aren't quite there yet, we can still celebrate an excuse to eat pie. A lo and behold, Valentine's Day has provided us just an occasion. An attempt at getting mini chocolate pies from Four and Twenty Blackbirds failed (curse me getting there one customer too late!) so first I turned to my trusty Petee's Pie Company for that Creme Brulee Pie they had last year around this time that had my face pressed to the glass of their storefront for a month straight. Alas, that scrumptious flavor is not on the menu for Valentine's 2021. Not to be separated from my love, I put in a custom order. While I wait to see my long lost pie again, I looked at what they did have: the icebox Honey Pie from last year was back and I'm now on my fifth slice. And new for this holiday is a Breakfast Pie. For all lovers of pancakes with maple syrup- this pie is for you. It's a chess pie flavored with maple syrup and does indeed remind me of getting up and having a nice tall stack of Dad's pancakes for Saturday morning breakfast. But in pie form of course. Which means very sweet. You can get this pie with a blueberry topping if so desired but this gal went for the unadorned version. Also five slices deep at the moment in this one. Needless to say I am rolling around in pie this V day. And what better way to celebrate the holiday that Hallmark built than by spending it with your true loves? Happy Holiday y'all.


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