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Stars But No Stripes: Apple Pie from from Topps Bakery

Ah, you were probably wondering when I’d get around to reviewing an apple pie. Well the wait is over my manzana maniacs for it is Topps apple pie time! Fresh apple pies start showing up at farms all round New York during the Fall and if you feel like hopping in your car and driving upstate or to Suffolk, there will be many great pies to be found. But who can wait that long? If you need some of America’s pie RIGHT NOW I’ve got a few places for you. One of them is Topps Bakery located in Bronxville, Westchester. Topps is not a pie bakery, In fact, the only kind of pie they have is apple which you’ll find hiding among the cookies and the cannolis. But who cares because what they do, they do well And they do apple pie really well. Their filling has firm apple chunks that are perfectly cinnamoned. No goopy jelly junk inside this crust just a deliciously balanced apple flavor. The top crust is somewhat unique in that it is slightly thicker than your average crust almost leaning toward cookie. While I’d prefer a more traditional crust, this one is sufficient enough to make this pie an easy choice for when you need you some good apple pie. Plus it's got some cool stars on top of its crust which is like an extra little treat, I couldn't resist sawing them off an eating them separately like they were cookies. So make the trip to Bronxville and get your patriotic pie on, you'll be happy you did.

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