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Guest Pie: Butterscotch Pecan from Michele's Pies

Summertime means lots of time on my hands. Time for beaches, time for water parks, time for excessive day-drinking, and of course, time for pie. What's a girl to do on a lazy Thursday but hop in her car and go pie-searching. Today's exploration led me north to the wilds of Connecticut...and by wilds I mean Norfolk Connecticut. There I discovered in a little strip mall of a Main Street, a gem of a pie shop called Michelle's Pies. The website boasts of several award-winning pies, and after a small sampling of the goods, I can attest to the Michelle's skills. I drove back to NYC with a Key Lime, Peach, Sweet Potato, and a Butterscotch Pecan Pie all riding shotgun next to me and it took a level of self control I did not know I had to refrain from pulling over on the side of 95 and diving into my bag. Once home, I dove into the bag 0' pies and me and my trusty fork sidekick went to work on those pies. I enjoyed all of them. None were overly sweet; even the butterscotch pecan was done correctly with the requisite bourbon and just enough butterscotch to give a hint of the flavor. The peach pie wasn't "goopy" as some fruit pies could be. The sweet potato had that "southern sweet potato" tone just right, and even though the key lime didn't have a graham cracker bottom, the filling was tasty so I gave it a pass. So sometime in the near future, I will once again by on the highway blasting my iPod mini (you heard me right- MINI- the Pie Lady likes her classic technology) and heading north to get my Connecticut pie on at Michelle's Pies.

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