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Happy Valentine's Me! Creme Brulee Pie from Petee's Pie Company

So I woke up in a good mood this morning and why not? The sun was shining, the days are getting slightly longer, no reason not to be all Perky Patty. While humming "Let the Sunshine In", I foolishly decided to try on some old high waist jeans from my closet. Bad choice. After muffin-topping my way through a few pairs of denim, I decided to take myself down to the gym to attempt to erase the evidence of prolific pie-eating. Mission accomplished. Sweated out some guilt. However, time spent on the treadmill does cause one to work up a bit of an appetite. Hmmmm. what to do, what to do...I know! Pie! So riding the exercised-induced endorphin high I marched directly to Petee's to see what she had available. And what do I see gleaming from the counter? Creme Brulee pie! Apparently only available for Valentine's Day, I quickly ordered a mini pie before supplies ran out. While frantically digging through my bag for my credit card, I glanced down and saw a Honey Pie in the icebox section. Yep. That was coming home with me too. Back in my apartment excitedly tearing open the bag, I had a moment of pause. It's Valentine's day weekend. Shouldn't I share some of this found treasure? Isn't that in the true spirit of the holiday? Yes it is. And no I didn't do it. The utter deliciousness of the creme brulee pie stopped the feeling of love and generosity in its tracks. An egg custard with a burnt sugar top. What could be better? Oh I wanted to be a good valentine and share but the pie begged me not too. Who am I to resist? Looking over at the Honey pie, a whipped cream -topped icebox specialty with a vanilla honey custard filling, I knew that one wasn't making it either. Bad, bad Pie Lady. So for my significant other, the standard V-Day card and a description of the sweet heaven that was missed will just have to do. But it's not too late for you! If you run over there, you might be able to be bigger person than I was and have something truly scrumptious to give your valentine. Or you can do as I did, dig in, and say "Happy Valentine's Day-to Me!" You deserve it!

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