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Vegan Key Lime Pie? Whaaaaat? Planta Williamsburg

Just when I think I've had it all. I was out in Williamsburg doing my best to get the summer bod ready befiore the actual end of summer, eating vegan sushi and vegan pizza and being good to the environment, when what do I behold on the menu but Key Lime Pie. Doth my eyes deceive me? Now, first of all, if you have never been to one of the many Planta restaurants, you are missing out my friend. Planta brings the vegan heat. Any place that can get your average hot blooded-steak-and-potato-eating American willifuly though its doors to drop down some cash on meatlessness must have its game on good. But back to the pie. I've made some vegan KLP's before, but it takes the right recipe. So despite my respect for the Planta experience, my expecatations were low. I, as you may know, am a huge fan KLP and my partner is an even bigger KLP snob than I. What were the first words out of his mouth as he dipped his spoon into MY slice? "Wow, this is actually good." As I fought back his offending cuttlery, I too discovered that Planta had gotten this right as well The pie was coconutty without being overwhelmingly coconut. The crust was properly delicious. The slice went quickly. Along with the vegan brownie sundae I had on the side. So should you find yourself near a Planta spot, check the menu. If you're lucky, KLP might be on it. Enjoy.


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