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Canned Beans? Toilet Paper? Nope, I'm Stocking Up On Pie: Pi Day 2020

In this time of increased uncertainty and anxiety, it's good to know that some things remain the same. Like a girl's addiction to pie. There are comforts I could do without for while. TV? I could read a book. March Madness? Eh, tall folks throwing balls at hoops I've seen multiple times before. Toilet paper? Ouch that's a tough one. But at least there's a shower nearby. But stuck on lockdown without pie? No way Jose. Lest I be quarantined last minute, I ran to my local pie spot and stocked up. If the powers that be choose to confine me to quarters for the safety of my fellow New Yorkers I am totally fine with that. Don't need an excuse to put my feet up and binge watch a few series. But I will bond with my sofa and my Netflix account while surrounded by pie. So this holiday my advice is simple: cover your mouth, wash your hands, and then use them to shove pie into your mouth. Stay safe folks!

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