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Pi Day 2022: At Least There's Still Pie

I was promised the the roaring twenties. So far its been the roaring wtfs. I mean, a pandemic that likes playing red light, green light, 1,2,3, inflation that showed up uninvited like that uncle you intentionally left off the guest list, gas prices beating the average Harvard applicant's GPA, and now just to put the figurative cherry on top- a war? Like, really? Alright world if you're gonna test my patience, I'll just have to show my eating pie. I know, there's much more that can be done, but I'm gonna take the day off from alternating between doomscrolling in the dark from under the covers of my bed and laughing a little too loud while watching reruns of King of Queens, and sit back, relax, and enjoy some pie. Unlike the past weekend (you too Mother Nature?), it was actually bright and sunny this pi day. Perfect for a quick stroll across town to Bird & Branch to get some black sesame brown butter pie. A smooth chess pie with the flavor of sesame, it was the perfect distraction from the all the uncertainty out there. As I walked down the streets of NYC, with each bite of sweet deliciousness, my thoughts moved farther and farther away from the ills folks are facing out there, if only temporarily. So if you're also looking for a brief sweet escape, join me in celebrating the holiday and get yourself some pie.


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