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Day 1 After Thanksgiving: Still Steeped in Pie

So. The turkey carcass is currently wrapped in foil sitting in your fridge. The one spoonful of sweet potato casserole left is in the corner of the large glass dish it was baked in. The green bean and onion casselrole is still sitting largely ignored behind the cranberry log. And the maccaroni and cheese tray that was licked clean is sitting in the sink "soaking." You're probably feeling a a bit of guilt for consuing 8,000 calories in one sitting. You're probably looking down at your belly and regretting how hard you leaned into that new low-waist jeans and crop top trend. You're probably contemplating stopping by the nearest salad shop and getting a bowl full of twigs and leaves hold the dressing. If this is you, STOP! This is not the holiday for guilt or for situps! This is the holiday for full-on gluttony! And the day after is the best because all those exteneded family members with their intrusive questions about your romantic life and their annoying political discussions have returned to Valhalla for the year. This is the day to sit back in a pair of flannel pj's with a fork and a half-a-pie all to yourself and relax. Me, I've got a tray of pumpkin/ butternut squash flan, three quarters of an sweet potato eggnog pie, and half a maple cream pie lined up and all I'm planning on doing is toggling back and forth between them all day. All recipes curtesy of New York Times Cooking. And I must say, they are all winners. So whatever pie you've got left sitting there, pull up a chair, prop your feet up on something- prefearably the jello mold one of your relatives brought( really, who stil does that?) and dig in with abandon. Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone.


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