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Pie-Day 2019: Get Your Sugar On!

Get ready for your taste buds to jump for joy and for your pancreas to pack up and leave. Tomorrow is Pie Day! Pies of all shapes and sizes will be appearing on breakfast tables, on lunch tables, on dinner tables, on plates, on bowls, on forks, on spoons and then on waistlines. But who's paying attention to their 6-packs when there's sugary deliciousness afoot? Man invented Lycra for the expectation of an expanded stomach and crunches for the aftermath. Yours truly will be rolling around in Chess Pies, specifically a straight-from-my-oven Transparent Pie and a Chocolate Chess. Since I've long since indoctrinated my coworkers into the Cult of the Pie Goddess, multiple pies shall be showing up at the work lunch table for us all to dive into with complete abandon. I've subtly dropped hints that should a homemade Pecan Pie with a splash of bourbon show up, no one would complain. And if anyone wanted to drop by Butter & Scotch for a second Pecan Pie, doubles would be welcome. Also should anyone want to stop by Petee's Pie Company and pick up a tart Black Current Pie, it would not be refused at the door. And of course, savory pies would complete the day. So you know where I'll be this Pie Day- ready with my fork, bib, and maybe a side of insulin. Enjoy the holiday!

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