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So Simple and Yet, So Right: Egg Custard by Petee’s Pie Company

Oh custard! My custard! How can something be so simple and yet so good? Egg custards are classic desserts that can be eaten anytime, anywhere. If you’re a fan of flan, then this pie is right up your alley. If you’re not a fan of flan, this pie is still right up your alley. How does this pie work its magic? It distills custard down to its very essence. Not much in them but, sugar, eggs, milk, vanilla, maybe some nutmeg sprinkled on top. If you’ve never had an egg custard pie before, well, why the heck not?? I bet I know. For some reason, the custard pies you might be more likely to see on the average menu are pumpkins or sweet potatoes. And usually only around Thanksgiving. Booooo to that I say. That’s one reason I'm all about Petee’s Pie Company. Outside of November, they regularly have this pie just waiting for folks like me. Ah, the effortless beauty that is the egg custard. Man, am I obsessed with this pie right now. Now, I admit, I might be biased. We all know that I have a clinical case of the Custard Crazies, but the deliciousness of this pie is legit. I try to keep a slice in my fridge at all times and when I’m in danger of running out, I fly down the FDR taking those curves at 50 mph heading to Delancey street to restock my kitchen. Don’t get in this lady’s way when she’s low on pie. So head downtown and custard yourself up folks. I’ll try to be good and leave some of this pie for you guys. Maybe.

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