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Time To Break Out Your Stretch Pants! Thanksgiving 2016

Two weeks of stretching my stomach (and my pants in the process) and it’s finally here! Thanksgiving 2016! After a long and brutal political season which seemed never-ending, we could all use a good day of guiltless gluttony. Luckily for us, Thanksgiving rolled around just in time to provide a delicious distraction from all of our American angst. Nothing stops a potentially awkward political family discussion with Great Aunt Hilda like a turkey leg stuffed into one’s mouth. Drop a plate of steaming mashed potatoes soaked in gravy in front of Uncle Joe and I'm sure he'll forget all about who you voted for this election. And along with all that savory yumminess there will, of course, be pie. Plenty of custards are required on the banquet table at this holiday. I expect at least one pumpkin or sweet potato to make an appearance but chess pies like pecan pies and even fruit pies like apple-pear-cranberries are also a staple. So what’s showing up on my plate? A pumpkin pie from Petee’s Pie Company. They’ve changed the recipe slightly and it’s for the better. A mix of locally grown pumpkins and winter squash give this pie the right blend of flavors. Sweet enough without over being over spiced, this is a well balanced pumpkin. Not going to last a long time in the presence of my family of food fiends. In fact, I predict any signs of agitation melt away after the first forkful. So if the tensions are running high this year around your dinner table and you’re giving serious thought to disowning a relative or two, look to the pie to help you through. Sugar brings all together in the end. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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