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Pie or Booze? Why Choose? Bessie's Boozy Butterscotch Pie from Fancy Pies

Such a difficult decision: rum or rhubarb, bourbon or blueberry, sake or sweet potato. How is any proper lady or gentlemen supposed to choose? Well my pretties, the folks over at Fancy Pies have taken the weight off of your shoulders and given you the best of both worlds with Bessie's Boozy Butterscotch Pie. A dense chess pie with a generous helping of Jameson, yes, Jameson baked into the filling and a hint of butterscotch flavor; this one is for those of you torn between saving your carb calories for a post-dinner dessert or for that hefty cocktail you might really need at the end of the day. Now, many of you folks might be in the "yes, and" boat and believe me, I feel you. But bikini season is upon us, dangit. Should we be concerned? Is it fair that the gods of taste buds and glucose metabolism teamed up and decided to make the two things that taste the best the worst for your waistline? Of course not! So feel totally free to raise both your glass and your fork simultaneously and curse those dang deities for the two-faced backstabbers that they are. And while you're at it, strap into that two-piece with pride. But just in case you want to have

your pie and drink it too, Fancy Pies has your back.

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