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A Key Lime Pie in Disguise - Pie Corps in Brooklyn

Lemon Basil Pie

Pie Corps

This lemon basil pie by Pie Corps is everything you could want in a Key Lime Pie with the notable exception of the keys and the lime. But let that fact not stop you from adding this to your next Key Lime Pie crawl. Yummy buttery graham cracker crust? Check. Refreshing sensation of cool bliss on your tongue? Oh yeah! This is a straight up AC system for your senses. Take that LIPA and ConEd!

This bit of lemony heaven has a creamy custard base with just the slightest hint of basil to kick this out of the territory of just good lemon custard into the land of the kick gluteus maximus (and minumimus) lemon custard pie! Seriously wonderful on its own and even better when you need to try something a wee different but not too dissimilar from my beloved Key Lime Pie. Try it right out of the fridge or let it warm up a bit for maximum creaminess. Oh Pie Corps, your custards do it to me every time.

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