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Delancey Street’s in ‘Da House!: Petee’s Pie Company

A new pie spot opens up and it’s not in BROOKLYN????!!!! What??!!! That’s right my pie paisans, Manhattan, firmly sticks its finger in the pie business with Petee’s Pie Company located on Delancey street and Allen street. And it is GOOD. Take that outer boroughs! With a daily pie line up unrivaled in the NYC area, I routinely leave there with six different slices of pie. Six! And dangit if I don't polish them all off faster than, um... faster than...well, not much is faster than me with a fork in my hand! They do chess pies, custard pies, fruit pies, even icebox pies on a daily basis. I have yet to have a slice by Petee that isn’t darn good. This pie lady knows her stuff. Get yourself over there people! At least get there before me ‘cause I’ll be doing my best to eat them out of house and home. Take note everyone: Manhattan is definitely on the pie map.

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