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National Pie Day 2018!

So my fellow pie fiends, I realize it may have seemed like I had given up on the whole pie eating business. Perhaps I had turned over a new leaf and gone Paleo. Perhaps I decided a green juice diet was for me and had thrown away my pie spoon and pie tin. If you believe that, then perhaps you may need to review my "About Us" page. This girl lives, eats, and breathes pie, pancreas be damned. My summer was spent driving around eating out-of-state pie and my fall was spent deep in the bowels of my kitchen trying to create the perfect pumpkin pie. 7 pounds of sugar and possibly 82 eggs later...well, it's still a work in progress. I know. Boooooo to me. But my quest for pumpkin pie perfection will have to take a backseat for a moment because in celebration of National Pie Day, I will attempt the challenge of making a Peaches and Cream pie out of season. You heard me right. Peaches out of a can. Gasp! But determined I am on this day 0f pie to demonstrate that deliciousness can be had even when the first peach on a tree sighting won't happen for months. I won't lie to you, the road to processed peachy pie perfection may be difficult but this gal is a trooper. To those of you out there less willing to go full Del Monte, Petee's Pie Company has your back. Black Current Pie is now available after the fruit was banned, yes, BANNED from the U.S. for dubious reasons for nearly a century. But now it's back in NYC and I say go for it if you like a good tart pie with not-from-a-can flavor. Plus it's loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants. So go on and get yourself a slice, then celebrate National Pie Day and feel healthy while doing it. Cause who needs any hint of guilt on this glorious day? Not you my friend, and definitely not me. Enjoy!

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