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All You Can Eat Pie? How Did I Miss That?

So my favorite time of year season began with an inauspicious start. How so? With an all you can eat pie night. That I missed. GASP! How can that be? Tragic as it is, I was on my way to Dominique Ansel Kitchen to get a cheesecake, GASP AGAIN! You heard me correctly- a cheesecake. Sometimes even the Pie Queen herself enjoys a slice of not-pie. But back to my sob story, as I was on my way to get that slice of creamy goodness, I noticed a long line outside and a buffet table set up inside. And what was on the table? Pies. Endless Pies. Pie after pie all in different shapes and sizes. Key Lime Pie, Chocolate, Banana Flambe, and on and on. Driven wild by the sight and acting on instinct alone, I rushed to the door with the crazed look in my eye of one stranded in a desert who has finally found an oasis only to be halted in my tracks by the hostess. She-who-guards-the-door first raised my hopes by informing me that what eyes had beheld was indeed not a mirage but an all you can eat pie night (oh glorious day!) but then dashed them to bits by telling me that the event was sold out (oh cruel, cruel fate!) Had the pie gods abandoned me? Left sad and pie-less on sidewalk, the kind hostess took pity on me by putting me on the wait list and telling me at least I could order one of the pies in the full 9 inch version. I salvaged the day and a shred of dignity by ordering a Whiskey-Kissed Sweet Potato Pie with Torched Marshmallow and Gingersnap Crust from the bakery and devouring it within two days. But my heart longed for the full glutinous experience of an all you can eat pie night. So to all of those who sympathized with my experience, the pie feast will return next year on Wednesdays and Thursdays in September. But don’t make my mistake and show up day-of, grab your tickets as soon as they come available- this year they sold out in 45 minutes. Good luck next year pie addicts. May the greediest win.

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