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Nor’easter, Smor'easter: Pi Day 2017

So who out there thought that a few snowflakes were going to get in between me and pie on pi day?? Nobody, of course. We all knew that come rain, come snow, come blinding white-out conditions, come two feet of icy snow, yours truly was gonna get her pie on. After listening to the all-too-gleeful weather forecasters describe the mountain of snow that was on its way, I quickly made my way to the nearest grocery store to gather food rations to make it through the storm. Not bread and meat and such but butter, eggs, crust, brown sugar- you know, the really important stuff. So as my legs were cramping up while standing in that never-ending, super, duper long line, I thought of all the delicious chess pies I was gonna live off of for the next 24 hours. Brown sugar pie, Brown

Butter Chess Pie, Transparent Pie, oh heaven. Nothing like inducing a near diabetic coma to keep oneself warm during a blizzard. Oh, and just in case anyone thought that I was neglecting my professional pie buddies on this day off, I also will be chowing down on a Chocolate Chess Pie from Petee’s Pie Company; ordered well ahead of the storm and complete with a pi symbol on top. Yes, yes, this will be a pi day to remember. Ice crystals falling on the ground outside, sugar crystals falling in a bowl inside. So don’t despair over the surprise reappearance of Jack Frost, warm weather will soon be here again, and in the meantime, at least there’s pie. Happy Pi Day all!

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