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Finally! A Dark Boozy Pecan Pie: Blue Stove

Molasses Peacan Pie

Blue Stove

Ok so pecan pie is supposed to be so simple. Not a lot of ingredients, no fussy preparation, quick oven time. How can you mess it up? Easy. By making it TOO SWEET. Too many unfortunate folks have sworn off pecan pies due to their high sugar content. I shed tears for those that suffer that sad and easily avoidable fate. I grew up eating darn fine pecan pie that was really easy to make. In fact, I think my mom may have just pretty much followed to recipe on the back of the KARO syrup bottle. There was one extra ingredient that made all the difference in the world. It was all that was needed to take you from bleh to gimmie gimmie! That secret ingredient, you ask? Booze! Oh, I’m sorry, that is considered to be not much of a secret. Any pecan pie worth its crust has just gotta have some dark booze. Bonus points assigned for bourbon or rum in it to cut all that sugar. In fact, this is the way it is made throughout much of the South and the reason why I always seek out a slice when I'm journeying below the Mason-Dixon. The Blue Stove in Williamsburg has figured this out. They wisely used dark rum along with molasses to give you that deep rich flavor that you'd expect from a good southern dessert. To get this experience without the trip down South, y’all need to swing on by Brooklyn and get yourself some Molasses pecan pie.

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