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Then I Had Some Pie, Now I’m a Believer: Fruit Pies at Petee’s Pie Company

As I sit here, eagerly awaiting custard pie season, I figured it was a great time to reflect back upon a summer of berrylicious pies. And what a summer it was here in NYC: sunny days, low rainfall, and of course, plenty of pie. Of course, not every day could be picture perfect but Yours Truly braved the days of poor air quality and sunburn inducing UV rays to take advantage of the high berry season. Normally I spend the June through August pinning away for Fall when all the pumpkins and sweet potato pies emerge from their long summer nap. Yeah sure, I’ll gulp down fruit pies while sitting with my toes in the sand but we all know where my heart truly lies. That is at least, until Petee unveiled her many, many fabulous fruit concoctions. Most pie places just throw out a couple gooped up berry pies because, well, those little fruits are just sitting around, why not throw them in a crust and serve them up to those too desperate for pie to care how they taste or about how their waistline looks in a string bikini? Just in case you couldn’t tell, I’m that person so desperate for pie that I totally ignore the pleas from my bathing suit for mercy. But Petee had my muffin-topped back. Not content to just make a standard strawberry rhubarb pie, and call it a day, she also made a strawberry pie, a rhubarb pie, a blackberry nectarine pie, a raspberry nectarine pie, peach pie, and blueberry nectarine. All kinds of berry pies and non-berry fruit pies mixed up in all kinds of ways. So many that I couldn’t even keep them all straight. And not one of them was anything less than delicious! So instead of spending the season counting down days ‘til my beloved pumpkin pie showed up again, I was spooning bite after bite of fabulous fruit pie into my face and not even noticing that there wasn’t a custard in sight. So while I stretch my stomach in preparation for the upcoming custard pie season, I can fondly look back upon my summer of fruit with Petee’s Pie Company and know I can happily do it all again next year.

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