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Turkey, Stuffing, and of Course, Pie!

Ok so of course I’m thankful for all of the usual things this season: family, friends, health, peace in the world, (ok so that last one is still a work in progress), but ranking just slightly below those more noble reasons for being grateful lurks my more self-serving thankfulness for that divine display of gluttonous gullet gorging that is the Thanksgiving day feast. Folks get together, maybe make some small talk, maybe make some bigger talk, and then get down to the business of stuffing themselves silly. And that is how it should be. There should be drumsticks flying through the air, mashed potatoes in people’s hair, and gravy splattered everywhere. But what calorific Thanksgiving meal would be complete without a generous supply of pies following up that roasted fowl centerpiece? Perhaps you’re not as pie-eyed crazy as I am about my preferred dessert of choice but I’m betting even the most weight-watching, strong-willed, health fanatic’s pulse quickens just a bit when the table is cleared of all the savory stuff and the pies make their appearance. Yours truly sings the theme music from “Rocky” as one by one, the procession of pies make their way to the table [Bam bam bampa bam bampa bam bampa bam. Ba da baaaaa! Ba da baaaaa!] So what’s coming down the aisle this season? Why, five pies of course because just one pie is a travesty of holiday justice. Surprisingly, four of the five pies will be homemade. An egg custard, a carrot custard pie, a transparent pie, and for traditions sake, a pumpkin pie. So what am I buying? A sweet potato pie from Petee’s Pie Company. You’ll notice all the choices are in the chess/custard pie family. Yep. That’s how I gets down. So before you all get well into your weekend-long food comas, make sure you’ve got your pie situation all straightened out and you’ll have a great holiday. Happy Pies-giving everyone!

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