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Guest Pie: Lemonberry Pie from Pie Sisters in D.C.

As we all know by now, Pie Expectations will travel across the world for pie. But sometimes all it takes is a quick little road trip to find some serendipitous tastiness. And such was the recent trip to DC. I might have been there to see a classic Hip Hip concert, but that left lots of time to walk around seeing the sights and hunting for pie. What started as a simple search for bean pie, yes, I'm still as bean pie obsessed as ever, turned into an accidental discovery of deliciousness. Wandering around Georgetown, hot and tired after a mostly fruitless day of stalking mosques for fresh bean pie, I bumped into Pie Sisters. A shop owned by two sisters dedicated to serving up pies of all shapes and sizes? Sooooo just what I needed and in I went. And of course I sampled dang near everything. That led me to the lemonberry. Pie Sisters have created a creamy fruit pie that brings together the flavor of berries with just the slightest hint of lemon to add a teeny weenie bit of tartness, along with a healthy amount of fresh cream on top. The spot has several ice box pies that come in single serving size such as cookies n cream and key lime pie as well as classic countertop flavors such as apple and pecan. So next time you're in our nation's capital and need a break from all the patriotic stuff, swing on over the Pie Sisters and get yourself a treat.

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