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Thanksgiving 2018: Pie-a-Plenty!

Rejoice, rejoice! One of the biggest pie holidays of the year is upon us! As I sit here with a Sweet Potato Pie in the oven and a Kentucky Chess Pie on deck, I think back to all the Thanksgivings of the past. Friends and family all gathered together, all stuffing themselves silly as I will once again be on tomorrow's day of feasting. With stretch pants on hand and Alka Seltzer in my bag, I am ready to throw down with the best of them. In the place of honor along with the Sweet Potato Pie and the Chess Pie will once again be a pumpkin from Petee's Pie Company. They've added a bit more spice this year but the basic deliciousness remains the same. Should you be pie-less at this late a date, and shame on you if you are, there a few spots that you just might get lucky at. Petee's has some pies available for walk-ins but get there fast. Butter and Scotch over in Brooklyn has combined the best of both worlds with a Pumpkin/Sweet Potato Pie but you might just be out of luck getting that one in time. If combing pies gets you going and B. and S. is fresh out, then Lady M has an absolutely scrumptious Pumpkin Cheesecake called Pumpkin Nuage, that is indeed like floating on a fluffy cloud of pumpkiny awesomeness. There are other plenty of other places to get your Thanksgiving Pie but at this late in the game, you may stuck with lees-than-ideal pie. But snoozing leads to losing, beggars can't be choosers and you get what you get and you don't get upset. You get the idea. So either get yourself out there or get yourself some butter, eggs, sugar, and get to business because Pies-giving is here and nobody is thankful for a pie-less holiday. Happy Thanksgiving All!

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